run on sentences

“i miss the innocence of being a child” she said.

i thought that too, as we walked along the jaded pavement

my eyes flicked down to my half-tied converse, listening to the steps i took down the sleeping road

walking in silence, yet comforted by the presence of thought

remembering the warm times with family

the purity

the times that we sometime hold on to forever

that will bring smiles to our faces when we are distraught with dark times


it’s funny though, how different a world can seem

i thought

as the tickling palms whispered to each other that canopied above B and me

“i’m glad to be out of the cold weather” i said

as the dreary gray sky at home hovered my mind

but the sky here flickered and shined

but at the same time

it felt as if the clouds were building into a storm

and i couldn’t stop

wishing for her to be alright

longing for her to find the light

praying for her to fight the fight

loving her till she’s right

because i too

know what it feels like to fight

without flight.