Bloom – The Paper Kites

The June sun highlights the greens in the leaves and the soft grass, radiating a glow of evergreen and warmth.

The garden plants in the window sill sit quietly against the glass, eliciting their pale blue colors and deep magentas as the sun churns past ten, eleven, and then twelve.

The forest sits still and slumbers as the gentle summer breeze brushes against the birch trees, sending the White-breasted Nuthatches and Finches in flight against the warming summer air.

Everything is alive: symbolizing the importance of unity, connection, instinct, and life.

The comforting smell of warm Vermont bacon, J’s homemade pancakes, and tapped Vermont Maple Syrup floods the house this morning. Mother is finishing her final touches around the house in an effort to perfect B’s celebration party today. I’m sitting on the edge of the shallow gray deck, letting the sunshine warm my back as the grass serves as a natural cushion for my aching feet.

The birds sing to each other in happiness today. Even the cats roll in the grass and sunbathe in the auburn sun, flickering their ears as a Red-Bellied woodpecker pecks the chipped bark on the Hemlock Northern Hardwoods at the forest line, mirrored by the trickling of the forest stream curving between the mossy stones, echoed by the singing of the bush grasshoppers.

All is well, all is silent. The only thing to be heard is nature’s voice; replenishing the earth as it flourishes underneath the blanket of the pale blue summer sky.

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